Battisti Pocket Square / Neckerchief Caillebotte Rainy day in Paris




From Battisti Napoli's great works series, here is a masterpiece that is recognized by all. Made in Como with gorgeous Italian silk, this classic square is a great piece to own and enjoy as a pocket square or neckerchief.

Here is a crowd favorite from Gustave Caillebotte entitled "Rainy day in Paris". This is housed at the Art Institute of Chicago and shows all the charm and sophistication of late 19th century Parisian life. Soft tones make this an easy accessory to wear with a while variety of colors and shades.

We subscribe to the sprezzatura way of wearing a pocket square: put it in almost any which way, or if there are certain colors from the square you wish to show you can easily manipulate the square to do just that. But bear in mind you will inevitably pull it out several times to show others the beauty and charm of these great iconic works!


  • Size: 43x43 cm (17" square)
  • Composition: 100% Silk
  • Made in: Italy

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